Poverty Consciousness Clearing

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29 April 2024

60-75 Minutes

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Beloved soultribe! My guides were clear that the time has come to gather our forces and do a massive clearing and healing of any programs and negative energies related to “poverty Consciousness” in our Lightbody and energy field.

It’s important to understand that the way money and buying things work in the world can make people feel trapped, always wanting more, and feeling poor inside.

This feeling of being poor, or “poverty consciousness,” isn’t natural for humans. It was created on purpose to control people, making them accept being controlled and even going to war.

People who think feeling poor is just part of life end up supporting the very system that keeps them down. This feeling comes from being scared of not having enough money or things to feel safe and secure. When people are scared, they might do things they wouldn’t normally do, just to feel safe again. This fear of not having enough can control our thoughts and actions, making us focus only on material things and lose touch with our empathy and connection to others.

The “Controllers” use this fear to keep people focused on material things. They introduced a system where owing money keeps people controlled, making sure that wars and suffering turn into profits for the rich. This system keeps people in constant fear and wanting more, which divides them and makes it easier to control them.

The main point is that being afraid of not having enough can control our actions and thoughts, leading us to focus too much on material things and lose sight of what’s truly important. This fear is deeply rooted in our minds from a young age and is constantly reinforced. But, it’s important to recognize that being rich in material things doesn’t mean you’re not poor in spirit.

This powerful energy work will serve as a significant clearing of your individual multidimensional self, helping to release fear and financial scarcity on intense levels.

Additionally, we will engage in some planetary work, and, within our powerful united group field, we will aid the collective planetary field in clearing several layers of these issues.
It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual journey. If you feel called to participate in this powerful work, trust that it is meant for you!

When you book your spot, you can either join the live session or watch the replay, which you will always receive in your email the day after. Both options are equally powerful, as we work united in “no time no space.”

I am really looking forward to this incredibly important energy work with you all!

With so much gratitude and deep trust,




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about your teacher

Mia Kafkios has been an energy therapist and healer for over 28 years and has been educating and activating therapists, healers, channelers and spiritual coaches for over 10 years.

She has been travelling all over the world, presenting at workshops, congresses and retreats, assisting souls to activate their true essence and remember who they are.

Mia will activate your soul to wake up, helping you remember your gifts and mission in this lifetime.

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