A high-level ascension journey that includes teachings, Q&A, and Soul Tribe connections with Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild.

244EUR (Early Bird) / 288 (Regular)

Six (6) Months (January 2025 - June 2025)


Beloved soul tribe! Tim Whild and Mia Kafkios have been called to come together once again and assist with the most powerful and transformational ascension journey over 6 months. This safe and empowering journey united as a soul tribe, will bring forth profound transformations and prepare us for our next-level missions in the New Earth.

Tim and Mia previously guided a 6-Month Ascension Journey in 2022, which was incredibly beautiful and deeply transformative. In Autumn 2023, they were called to embark on the next one, known as the 6-Month Advanced Ascension Journey. This life-changing journey involved a powerful co-creation with over 500 souls from all around the world.

And now, the time has come again! In January 2025, Tim and Mia will commence the most profound exploration into the highest energetic intelligence accessible to us – the next level ascension journey! You can already commit to this work and join our group field, which will provide powerful energetic support until we begin in January.


Six (6) Monthly Live Webinar Activations
January 27Zero-Point Activation
February 24Inorganic Inorganic Clearing into Organic
March 24Neutral Observer Point Activation
April 21Christ Consciousness Embodiment
May 12Manifestation Activation
June 16Mission Template Update

More details will be sent starting October 2024.

Monthly Live Q&As with Tim and Mia
A few weeks after each webinar activation, you can send in your questions and Tim and Mia will answer them live on the Q&A day. These sessions are appreciated and valuable as they allow us to delve deeper into the ascension process and integrate each activation on completely new levels.

Other Inclusions

PDFs to Work With and Deepen the Process
After each webinar activation and Q&A, Tim and Mia will determine which areas would be valuable for us as a tribe to explore further, and they will organically create PDFs for deeper studies.

Access to the Closed Facebook Group
For those who wish to integrate and connect with their soul sisters and brothers, we will have a closed Facebook group where we can come together between activations and Q&A sessions. A space to share our insights and experiences.

Member’s Portal
There is a portal that provides you with access to all the webinar replays, Q&A replays, and PDFs in an easy-to-find manner.

While it is beneficial if you attended the previous Advanced Ascension Journey in 2023/2024, if you haven’t, you could still embark on that journey at your own pace by purchasing the mini-course we have created from our last journey.

If you feel your soul is calling and you have a strong commitment to your spiritual path, along with a deep longing to join us on this journey and find your soul tribe, you are most welcome to join. Trust that you are ready, regardless of how far you have come on your spiritual path, and trust that you will receive exactly what is the highest for your soul’s journey.

Tim and Mia are thrilled to announce that as an “add-on,” we will gather in Glastonbury Wedmore in May 2025 for a three-day celebration and soul tribe gathering! You are, of course, welcome to join us for this incredible opportunity, which will be an amazing way to complete our six-month next-level ascension journey.

Once you choose to secure your spot on the NEXT LEVEL ASCENSION JOURNEY, you will enter our group field and become a powerful part of the work. Your higher self will begin preparing you on all levels so that you are fully open to receiving when we start in January 2025.

Wow, beloveds. We are filled with excitement for this journey with you, and it’s incredible to witness the energy building already. This will undoubtedly be a next-level experience.

In loving service,

Tim & Mia


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about your teacherS

Mia Kafkios has been an energy therapist and healer for over 28 years and has been educating and activating therapists, healers, channelers and spiritual coaches for over 10 years.

She has been travelling all over the world, presenting at workshops, congresses and retreats, assisting souls to activate their true essence and remember who they are.

Mia will activate your soul to wake up, helping you remember your gifts and mission in this lifetime.

Tim Whild is an ascension and Lightbody expert, who has been working closely with the evolvement of Earth for most of his life.

His current work with ancient Atlantean technologies is already helping those on a spiritual path around the world.

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