PRIVATE SESSIONS & Light soul code

When you feel the calling for a private session with me, it’s usually because you’re about to make a major shift in your life. Inwardly or outwardly. 

During the channeled message, we sit in a sacred space with our higher selves, our family of light, and God Source.

What needs to be cleared, healed, and activated for you in the highest divine order will come through. Usually, deeper information about your soul, path, and next step comes through.

It is powerful to have a clear intention of what you want to work with, but it’s also important that you let go of expectations and trust that what is in the highest for your soul’s journey will come through.

A lot of information usually comes through during the session, and this kind of session is something you might do just once in a lifetime or once a year at a maximum. 

The session takes place live on Zoom and has a duration of around one hour. You receive the recording of the Zoom session, and it will be of huge benefit to be able to return to the recording and relisten as often as you feel guided.

There is usually a waiting list for my private sessions. To request a private session or your Light Code, please fill out the form below. 

In you loving service, 


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