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Since I was a little child, I have been able to see auras and move thru portals into different dimensions. I have always been able to see the highest potential in every soul I have met. It has been one of my gifts, to see other people’s unique powers. I can see the unique gifts of a soul and also the lessons and initiations they will need to encounter to be able to access the next level of consciousness. The next step is to have more freedom, joy, and passion.

My father came from Greece and my mother is from Sweden. I was raised in both countries and went thru a really dysfunctional upbringing with a lot of abuse, addiction, and co-dependency in my family. I kept walking thru an intense life path of more abuse and suppression thru my partners and adult choices in life. I have gone thru several burnouts and many traumas. I needed to go thru several awakenings (challenges) to start remembering more!

Throughout my intense human experience, I have though always loved helping and assisting people in different ways. It has been a parallel journey of working thru my karmic lessons and simultaneously stepping more and more into my dharma/my mission! For 30 years I have been assisting many souls to find their purpose in life. I started as a dance, meditation, and yoga teacher very early, went into studying psychology, became I schoolteacher, and studied to be a certified personal trainer and life coach after that I started with healing, channeling, and energy therapy. For years I have now been educating “healers, channelers, coaches, and energy therapists”. I have also been deeply committed to activating and gathering, my soul tribe from all over the world, back into remembrance.

I have been holding space throughout these 30 years thru women’s circles and retreats all over the world, I have been educating “Therapists of the New World” and I have been having thousands of private sessions, huge activations, and workshops for thousands of people. My mission is unfolding piece by piece and it always changes and shifts, but one thing remains. The foundation of it all. My mission has always been and will always be to assist souls to activate their true essence and highest potential. I came to this incarnation to assist planet Earth thru a full ascension cycle, together with many of your beloved soul tribe. I came here to assist you to WAKE UP and remember who you truly are, as you are here to assist me to keep growing, remembering, believing, and thriving for the mission! We are here to co-create fully, completely, and totally!

I deeply honor the human experience that we have chosen as spiritual beings. I believe we need to understand, heal and work with the psychological part of human life as well as we need to understand, heal, activate, and connect to the advanced spiritual being that we are.

Thru all time and space, the here and NOW are all we have. The past, the future, and the parallel realities are all being played out in the here and now. So I believe that if we can become sovereign, free, and stand in our divine power, then we can heal all past lifetimes and correct the future timeliness just by fully living an amazing life here on Earth on levels. Feeling that we make a difference by being who we truly are and feeling fully worthy of receiving all the magic that life has for us.

There are many illusions, limiting beliefs, programs, karmic contracts, ancestral lineages, and different negative energies that have been influencing us to disconnect from our true essence. The eternal force of our Higher God Self Presence. The puzzle piece that we came here to be.

I believe in the parallel process of light and dark. As we discover our shadows and the darkness of existence, we can also find more of our true light and raise our vibration to higher frequencies of the universal light. It is a simultaneous process. It is a journey of healing, activating, and upgrading our whole being. The more we wake up, the more we remember, and the more ease, grace, love, light, and empowerment will enter all fields of our life. And thru this journey, we can assist others around us to wake up and remember. Not by doing, but by being our true selves. By embodying our full essence!

It is time to remember and explore how it is to thrive, grow, explore, and enjoy this human experience! I am very happy that you have found your way to this sacred space! Welcome to our soul tribe! You will by now feel if this space, energy, and frequency resonates with you! Feel free to stick around and see what energetic and inner growth adventures can be explored together in co-creation!



The quality of the teaching was so high and professional that I have hard to find words to describe it. It was so aligned and spot in where we were on our own journey and what we were able to receive for the time being. My own growth after her course is huge.


Mia is one of those rare ones. She doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk. Anything she shares or encourages in teachings, techniques, treatments, practices she has already been through and mastered herself. She is also extremely authentic and trustworthy. When she holds safe space – that space IS safe. Which means that you are 100% allowed to be 100% of who you are, at any given moment with non-judgement as a keystone.


Mia is so much more than a spiritual teacher; she is a visionary who is assisting cosmic ascension. Mia brings into your life the most important connections and activations to help you to truly build a new way of elevated living, embodying both your sovereignty and brilliance.

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