Date: 11 MAY 2023

Duration: 60-75min

Beloved soul tribe, the important time has come to activate the important Lemurian codes within our blueprint! Reclaiming our original miraculous “thinking.”

My guides have been calling out for a Lemurian activation to assist our individual and collective new earth ascension. They say we are ready for this powerful and game-changing work now.

In the Lemurian timelines, we had important cellular and genetic memories of innocence and instant presence that would be very beneficial for us to access now.

In Lemuria, we didn’t use the mind to store memories, as they, most of the time, influenced how we experience people, things, and situations. Each moment was created and experienced from zero point. We also asked each person, thing, and place to reveal their true essence. We never assume anything through our minds or past experiences. Our field was always open for the highest. No energy was leaking.


During these timelines, we fully mastered the energy of manifestation, as there where no separation. One of the gifts we had was to project what we wanted to manifest into crystals.

We will also clear and heal any aspects of the Lemurian fall, blocking us from accessing all the wisdom and advanced technology we had available in this miraculous era.

During this activation, we will all also bring a crystal and reactivate the ability to project different codes and activations into our crystals. Huge access on our continuous ascension path. As we are raising our frequency more and more and simultaneously dropping old density, we can now download these stored Lemurian memories and wisdom into our field.




Enter the password: LCA0511

about your teacher

Mia Kafkios is an Energy Therapist, Healer, and Trance Channel with 27 years of experience.

She has been working with many souls to help them break the wheel and make a shift in their lives.

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