At the Natha Yoga Center

Price: 1011EUR

Date: October 27-29, 2023

Time: 9am-6pm CET

For a more personal experience, only 30 slots will be offered.

Time to activate your gifts!

This training is for you that feel the calling to create magic thru holding sacred space and facilitating live circles retreats and different kinds of ceremonies. 

The time has come for us that feel the calling to facilitate and hold space, to show up and step into our mission. It is time to gather our tribe and assist this planet in awakening and unity thru conscious, safe, high-level circles and ceremonies. 

The old leadership template is being dissolved and the new, more divine, and authentic space holder template is ready to be birthed. 

In this live in-person training with Mia Kafkios, you will activate a stronger connection to your intuition, your personal gifts, and your unique spiritual creation and learn how to hold a sacred, safe, and highly transformative space.

This training also includes online pre-preparation material to study before our live training and online integration materials to learn after our live training. 

Mia will also host a live online Q&A after the Live training to answer your questions.

Diplomas will be sent after completing training as a Facilitator.
It is an advantage if you have been in training or in front of people before, if not, it’s enough that you have a strong desire and inner longing to hold space and facilitate groups.

The training will be conducted in English. However, it doesn’t matter if you are not fluent in English. You will still be able to tune in quickly to the energies and the core pillars which is far more important than your understanding of the language. 

Mia’s birth language is not English, making her easy to understand even for those who are not very used to it.

You will feel deep within you if this is for you. Your soul will be calling.

I can’t wait for more souls to step into their mission and gather their own tribes and assist the planet in awakening.



We are offering two payment methods for this training.
You may opt to pay the fee one-time (using the 1st form), or split it into two payments (using the 2nd form).

Should you opt to pay in installments, our team will reach out to you in 30 days to collect the balance.
Please make sure to settle the balance on or before September 30th in order to keep your slot. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding payments, please reach out to us at connect@miakafkios.com.

This event is sold out.

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about your teacher

Mia Kafkios has been an energy therapist and healer for over 28 years and has been educating and activating therapists, healers, channelers and spiritual coaches for over 10 years.

She has been travelling all over the world, presenting at workshops, congresses and retreats, assisting souls to activate their true essence and remember who they are.

Mia will activate your soul to wake up, helping you remember your gifts and mission in this lifetime.

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