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Beloved soul tribe, this energetic signature has been growing within me for over a year. Many codes from ancient mystery schools are ready to be reclaimed in this incarnation now. My guides have long told me that our soul family needs to engage in work and teachings, united in no time no space monthly, within a more powerful and consistent container.

After many months of gathering information, the timing is now perfect, and a portal has opened, filled with opportunities for our consciousness to expand. Through eons of lifetimes and all existence, we have all desired to come together in this architecture to assist our individual, group, and collective ascension journey and spiritual mission.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual journey. What matters is that you feel committed and devoted to your spiritual path and inner growth. That you wish to have a source of activation, clearings, healings, and teaching to dive deeper into. Feeling a longing to connect deeper with God Source and serve in the law of one. Feeling the urge to unite with your soul family and create a powerful united group field to bring back unity consciousness to planet Earth.

What's included?

  1. Various activations and meditations to listen to.

  2. PDFs of teachings to read and download.

  3. One (1) new activation every month to listen to.

  4. A teaching workshop every month.

    On most months, this teaching workshop will be live, and you can either join live or listen to the replay.

    Sometimes it will be recorded, and sometimes Mia might also bring in a guest teacher for the monthly teaching instead of herself.

  5. Monthly Q&A (including the chance to send in questions).

  6. Access to the exclusive Facebook group for you to connect with the tribe.


The only requirement to be a part of this portal is a strong spiritual commitment and a willingness to serve in the Law of One and unity consciousness, as well as a dedication to self-mastery through the resources provided here, to achieve personal growth and self-responsibility.

The membership fee is starts at 44EUR per month with the option to cancel your membership at any time.

Please note that only one membership is allowed per household. I kindly request that you refrain from sharing your login information with anyone outside your household, as this is a matter of energy exchange and respect for the universal laws.

Moving forward, my mission will involve supporting you monthly within this powerful and secure community.

As I have been guided to let go of my previous life’s work and training, “Therapist of the New World” and my mission template has recently been renewed, I am excited to embark on this journey with all of you and ascend to higher dimensions in a strong unified field.

I am fully committed to being your steward in this safe and transformative space.


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Kindly refrain from using your company email when purchasing your ticket as some companies block non work-related emails, and may lead you to not receiving your ticket.

No, you can’t. You need to access them through the portal.

Yes, you can. You may download all PDFs available.

If you’re unable to join the monthly workshop, you may still watch the replay.

If your payment gets declined, defaulted, or rejected you will automatically lose access to the portal. Should you wish to renew your subscription, simply sign-up again on this page.

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