Price: 23EUR

Date: 28 March 2023

Duration: 60-75min

Beloved soul tribe. I am so happy to announce the first Awakening Teaching that I have been deeply guided by my family of light to assist with, accessing a higher understanding of the human experience. This workshop will assist you in integrating all the upgrades and clearings in between all activations, so we truly can enjoy this earthly incarnation. My guides explained that assistance is needed to bring all codes into physical manifestation in this here and now. You becoming your own greatest teacher and self-master.

Many of us are consciously and subconsciously staying in our comfort zone for different reasons and hinder ourselves from reaching the conscious level we are ready for. Blocking ourselves from operating from higher frequencies. In the long run, not being able to access our full potential and life capacity.

During this workshop, we will do a reprogramming meditation (that can be used daily I needed), do a holy ceremony, and work thru the arias that I have been guided to look at, such as the relationship to our self, our relationship to others, our work/career, and our spirituality.

In this activation, we will:

  • Why do we feel stuck in some areas?
  • What are our ideas/ belief systems?
  • Recognize fear of the unknown in our energy bodies.
  • Dare to release all our power into manifestation.
  • What needs to leave and be completed in our life for the new to enter?
  • How clear and strong is my intention?
  • You will also receive a worksheet to keep working with after this workshop so that you can use this work continuously during your coming initiations, challenges, and inner growth.

Beloved soul family. You know how much I love the healings and activations we are doing together usually every month. I am now so deeply honored and happy to bring forth the awakening teachings which will assist us massively on our awakening and ascension path. Enjoying life on this planet even more. Expanding every day to higher consciousness levels, so we truly can create and live THE NEW EARTH into physical manifestation.

I love you deeply!




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about your teacher

Mia Kafkios is an Energy Therapist, Healer, and Trance Channel with 27 years of experience.

She has been working with many souls to help them break the wheel and make a shift in their lives.

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