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Ignite the flame

Ignite the flame of inspiration at your next in-person event, conference, podcast, or collaborative project with worldwide speaker Mia Kafkios, an awakening activator and energy therapist whose life journey has been a testament to resilience, growth, and deep spiritual understanding. Mia’s innate ability to raise the frequency of a room and activate the highest potential in every soul stems from many educations and her unique experiences, including a childhood spent moving between Greece and Sweden amidst familial challenges.

Her personal transformation, marked by burnouts and awakenings, has fueled a passionate commitment to assisting others on their spiritual journey and inner awakening.

About Mia

Over the past 30 years, Mia has seamlessly blended various disciplines, including channeling, healing, dance, meditation, yoga, psychology, and life coaching, creating a rich tapestry of wisdom. By inviting Mia to collaborate on your in-person events, conferences, podcasts, or projects in spirituality and higher self-development, you’re bringing in a guide who can contribute profound insights and transformative experiences. Mia’s holistic approach embraces the psychological and spiritual aspects of the human experience, fostering an environment where individuals can explore, heal, and connect with their true essence.

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Discover the potential for growth, healing, and empowerment as Mia shares her expertise with your audience. Whether it’s through women’s circles, retreats, education for “Therapists of the New World,” private sessions, or workshops, Mia’s contributions extend beyond knowledge – they offer a genuine invitation to remember and embrace one’s true self.

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