1. Do your 12 D shield

2. Be open and allow it to change, shift and develop as times go

3. Expand your heart vibration/3fold flame/blueprint vibration, into the size and spear that feels best for you and anchor that vibration of yours into Earth and up to god source until you feel that your light pillar is 100 % anchored into Mother Earth and 100 % connected up to God source.

4. Make sure your light pillar is as wide as needed all the way down and throughout your entire pillar, all the way up. For example 12 feet in all directions and 12 feet throughout the entire pillar, down & up.

5. I claim this space as sacred. I claim this space in the name of God. In the name of Christ. Consecrated and dedicated to the eternal living light of God. I only want the light beings 100 % in service to the eternal living light to come through.

6. I ask the holy mother, holy father, holy Christos Sophia, the angels, the arc angels, the ascended masters, my karmic board, and my higher self to merge fully and deeply with me now through all dimensions of my field.

7. I ask my galactic, cosmic, universal, and multiversal families to come in and come through.

8. I ask my guides, my higher self, and my ascension council to work in
United harmony so the highest of the highest of the highest will be
shown for me in my here and now.

9. All are consecrated to the highest capacity of divine order and harmony.

10. I ask beloved God to anchor and harmonize the field. Clear any imbalances or any missed qualified energies.

11. Clear all fibers of light. Open all channels of light. Open all communication links up to God’s source.

12. I ask for gatekeeping. I ask the guardian hosts to open a shadow vortex for the transit exit of all dead, negative energies. All missed qualified energies. All dead and old dark energies.

13. I close all negative portals and seal all inorganic artificial timelines.

14. I ask for full protection and connection to the eternal living light.

15. Set the intention of today’s sacred space: I set my intention for this space and know now that it’s open in God’s infinite light infinite love and infinite power.

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