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Align & Upgrade Your Mission Template


Join Mia Kafkios and Tim Whild for a powerful weekend of higher soul alignment in Glastonbury. As everything is changing in our mission and soul path, Tim and Mia have been guided to host this powerful weekend of activations and upgrades for the highest alignment of your soul.

Mia will be warming you up with powerful activations throughout Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, Tim will join and co-create in the explosive and life-changing energies.

Time for our soul tribe to gather and co-create the highest frequencies together.

A total of three (3) activities will be held from May 24-26 in Glastonbury. You may purchase a ticket for the entire weekend which is 288EUR for all of the activities.

Kindly note that lunch is not included in any of these activities.

All activities will be held at the Wedmore Village HallMore details about the location will be sent upon purchase, along with the ticket details. 


Light Language Ecstatic Dance activation with Mia Kafkios

Weekend Opening with Mia Kafkios

Date: 24 May 2024

Time: 6PM-8PM

Mia opens this powerful weekend with a beautiful ceremony and ecstatic dance meditation, empowered by universal light language codes. The intention of this evening is to awaken you into a deeper embodiment of your unique soul expression. Activating your physical energy body into higher alignment for your soul continues its mission. It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual path. You will receive what is in the highest divine order for your path.

This will be a magical event with Mia, in the presence of your family of light and your earthly soul tribe.

Soul & Mission Remembrance with Mia Kafkios

Workshop with Mia Kafkios

Date: 25 May 2024

Time: 10AM-5PM

Mia guides you through a full day of deeper spiritual awakenings and completely new dimensions of consciousness. During this magical Saturday together, Mia will assist you with powerful codes and activations for your gifts and main purpose in this incarnation. Removing energy leakage and clearing subconscious blocks. Activating a stronger connection to your galactic aspect and your angelic Self. Upgrade your connection between your human personality and higher self to enjoy life more and your mission on earth.

Activate your Full Mission Template with Tim Whild & Mia Kafkios

Workshop with Tim Whild & Mia Kafkios

Date: 26 May 2024

Time: 10AM-5PM

After two powerful days of preparing our Lightbody into higher vibration and higher consciousness, we welcome Tim! During this powerful day, Tim and Mia will guide you into a next-level template work both energetically and physically. This day will accelerate your mission to new levels.

We can’t wait to do this beautiful work in full co-creation with you all. Finally time to come together beloved soul tribe!

Tim and myself are looking forward to holding this amazing space for all of you, dear soul tribe! We can’t wait to meet you all soon!


Mia & Tim


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You will repeat the payment process for each ticket you pay for.

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about your teacherS

Mia Kafkios has been an energy therapist and healer for over 28 years and has been educating and activating therapists, healers, channelers and spiritual coaches for over 10 years.

She has been travelling all over the world, presenting at workshops, congresses and retreats, assisting souls to activate their true essence and remember who they are.

Mia will activate your soul to wake up, helping you remember your gifts and mission in this lifetime.

Tim Whild is an ascension and Lightbody expert, who has been working closely with the evolvement of Earth for most of his life.

His current work with ancient Atlantean technologies is already helping those on a spiritual path around the world.

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